Garden Trees

To make an authentic Japanese garden, a bonsai is naturally a part of it. Lodder Bonsai annually imports hundreds of garden trees from Japan. Every Spring there is a new collection of trees that we have personally selected from the fields in Japan.




The bonsai fields in Japan



The garden bonsai vary in size from 1.2 meters to 4 meters and they have different styles like:  Multi-trunk (kabudachi), cascade (kengai), formal upright (chokkan), informal upright (moyogi), slant (shakan) and broom (hokidachi).  The most common species of bonsai are Ilex crenata, Taxus cuspidata, Pinus parviflora, Rhododendron and Enkianthus perulatus.




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Since each bonsai is individually unique, we recommend that you contact us or come to our company to have a look.