Simply put bonsai can be divided into 2 groups, indoor and outdoor bonsai. With indoor bonsai trees we mean suitable to be kept inside the home or building. These trees typically come from tropical climate areas. Outdoor bonsai can only be kept outside. These bonsai originate from areas where the climate goes through four seasons.

Indoor bonsai

Our standard range of bonsai is available throughout the year. This includes species such as: Zelkova, Carmona, Serissa, Ligustrum, Ficus and Sageretia. These bonsai are available in different pot sizes and styles, by species or in a desired mix.



7sageretia-150x150 8e-150x150 serissa-variagata-on-rock-18-cm-150x150 mix-24-cm-shape-150x150


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Besides the standard range, there are many other types available.  We also have many unique specimen bonsai available.



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Outdoor Bonsai

Outdoor bonsai offers many possibilities and there is a wide variety of types and styles available.


Outdoor-1-150x150 Outdoor-2-150x150 Outdoor-3-150x150 Outdoor-4-150x150
Bonsai from Japan and Korea are especially of distinctive quality.